For the Earth’s Better Future 1

Interactive e-learning about climate change for Primary schools
For the Earth’s Better Future is an educational digital project designed for primary school pupils and teachers.

The main mission of the projects is to help educate primary school children in a playful and interesting way about the topic, facts and context of climate change.

This digital course could become an interesting part of your classes. You will get information on climate change in a fun and interesting way, and every student can participate in the project thanks to its interactive form.
We offer a free demonstration to all customers to be able to familiarise themselves with all benefits of our products.

Demonstration can be presented in person at your school (subject to traveling abilities) or via ZOOM / GOOGLE MEET online.

It takes approximately 30-45 min including questions and answers at the end of the demonstration.

Please do not hesitate and contact Martin Vlasak to find out more.
What we want to achieve:
  • Encourage pupils to gain new impulses and knowledge about climate change issues
  • Raise awareness of climate change, help pupils to understand climate change through an interesting visual and multimedia form
  • Inspire pupils to become interested and see what they can do themselves, what steps to take to protect the environment
  • Bring an educational tool and materials to schools, teachers that can be used for education.
Advantages and benefits of the project:
  • Learning gains a new form enriched with design and interactivity
  • Our product emphasize the interactive dimension of educational process.
  • We believe that blended learning, which represents a combination of interactive online and on-presence learning is the most effective way of children's development.

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