For the Earth’s Better Future 2

Interactive e-learning about climate change for primary schools
Based on the huge success of ‘For Earth’s Better Future 1’ we decided to continue this amazing journey. In this follow up project we dived into climatic changes in much more depth. We turned our focus on the importance of water for our planet, human kind and animal kingdom.

In the course children will learn about what is happening with Earth’s water reserves and how climate change affects the water cycle and our planet’s oceans. We discuss the threat of plastic waste in the oceans, changes of the temperatures in the seas, melting of the ice caps and disappearance of our coral reefs.

Via our e-learning channels children will be shown amazing technologies that will help to clean pollution caused by industrialisation and manufacturing.
We offer a free demonstration to all customers to be able to familiarise themselves with all benefits of our products.

Demonstration can be presented in person at your school (subject to traveling abilities) or via ZOOM / GOOGLE MEET online.

It takes approximately 30-45 min including questions and answers at the end of the demonstration.

Please do not hesitate and contact Martin Vlasak to find out more.

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