We create attractive e-learning platforms to inspire students throughout their learning journey in innovative and creative ways.


Eduvision United provides a range of highly sophisticated, well researched and ready to go e-learning courses for Primary and Secondary pupils and adult audience.

Our courses will guarantee for all participants to take a proactive part in their learning journey and it will hand over the ownership of the lessons to the students.

For Earth's Better Future 1

An introduction to Climate change for Primary schools.

For Earth's Better Future 2

Follow up and extention of
For Earth’s Better Future 1
We offer a free demonstration to all customers to be able to familiarise themselves with all benefits of our products.

Coming in the near future:

Emotional Well
Healthy Eating
and Nutrition

“Fabulous programmes, engaging, well informed and really good fun. A ready-made answer to quality resources in this important subject. I thoroughly support their vision and embrace their drive to get the nation, schools, pupils and parents behind the changes that are so desperately needed at this moment in time.”
Sir Steve Lancashire
Ex CEO ReaCh 2 Academy
Trust, Honoured for
contributions to education
“Pupils in our school are very passionate about positive Eco-impact and sustainability. This course was just what we wanted to make climate change and global warming prevention a solid part of the curriculum.”
Katie Jennings
Awarded Headteacher,
Waltham Forest, London
“I was hugely impressed by how easy it is to use and how child friendly it is, with its games and quizzes. The fact there is a project at the end, for everyone to take part in, is simply a brilliant idea!”
Emma B.
Yr 2 Teacher, London
“I really enjoyed learning about global warming and what can we do to help the Earth. It was cool to be able to have discussions about this with my classmates and we all loved the animations.”
Yr 5 student, London

Product benefits:


Courses provide strong links to the curriculum across all Year groups (Science / History / Geography and Art).
We help educating adults as well as children. Courses are welcome addition to the internal CPD programme.
Courses provide total control and flexibility for the school to deliver fun and interactive ECO-Education lessons.
We developed fair pricing structure to ensure affordability for any school that is looking for robust tool to tackle Climate Change and Global Warming.
We offer FREE demonstration for the adults or in front of a class of your choosing to provide first-hand experience.

About Us

Providing services in digital education for more than 15 years, we create innovative educational projects and digital courses for Primary and Secondary schools and the general public.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide sustainable, creative, and inspirational impact in learning and educational systems to develop young children's mind-sets and their ability to make a difference for the better future.

Our Approach

Through Affordable/ Ready to Go/ Easy to Use/ Multi-layered online courses we encourage children to study, discuss and have a hands on experiences in various projects.
Our rationale is

Learn, Understand, Change!

Custom Made Products

Years of experience in this field enabled us to understand the importance of the individual approach every school uses in their learning environment.

This is very important for maintaining the school's identity but also, the problems that each school faces are different, based on the demographics and their students individualities.

Precise consultations with our clients will resolve in bespoke, individual product meeting clients unique objectives and short and long term solutions.
Let’s create your next
e-learning course together!
Let’s create your next
e-learning course together!
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Founder of Eduvision United
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Founder of Eduvision United
More info

Let’s get in touch!

Contact us
via post:
Capital Office, 124 City Road,
London, England,

Lucia Lalka

Founder of Eduvision United
Awardee of various prestigious awards,
including The International Business Award
My name is Lucia Lalka and I am a founder and creator of Eduvision. My passion and desire had always been to make a difference in the educational services, whether I was targeting adults or children (in schools).

17 years of experience in this field, highs and lows of finding the best solutions to tackle the relevant issues and designing sustainable, personalised products for my customers with my amazing, trusted team gave me the confidence to expand abroad.

In the past 2 decades Eduvision Slovakia successfully developed and launched a number of online learning platforms to make the difference and spread our ethos with the support of the leading marketing names in Slovakia such as O2, VUB Intesa BSA bank, Reiffesen bank, Orange, Eset, Roche, Ministry of Education in Slovakia, Forbes, U.S.Steel, Mercedes Benz, all supported my vision and helped us to distribute our products across the network of schools, companies and customer groups.

There are many issues myself and Eduvision are passionate about and we feel we have the common responsibility to address them and being an active part of lasting solution.

Martin Vlasák

Founder of Eduvision United
My name is Martin Vlasak and I am a managing director of Eduvision UK, Slovakian established company created and successfully developed by Lucia Lalka and her trusted team.

I have been involved in the education sector in the UK for the past 16 years, working through the ranks from teaching assistant role to the member of the senior leadership team in some of the biggest Primary Schools in England.

Each one of these were certified Outstanding by government Ofsted inspections. I have worked alongside Sir. Steve Lancashire at Hillyfield Primary School and helped to raise standards, working in ReaCh2 trust, of many struggling schools across England.

Over the past decade I have been in charge of EAL (English as an Additional Language) department, Pastoral Care department, Physical Education department, Enrichment and Community link leader and senior leadership team member.

I have established and developed strong educational links between primary schools and Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Tottenham Hotspur football club and many other vital networks that helped to connect pupils and local communities in a number of educational and charitable projects.

I truly believe that my experience and expertise will be essential in promoting Eduvision UK - amazing tool, fantastic online product and interactive classroom device that will introduce 21st century education to new possibilities.